Brief History of Blackvynn

When man came to Blackvynn ages ago fleeing a mythic terror he found elf and dwarf and beasts which did not die of age. Man brought runic magick to survive in the wilds, taken hastily from the dragon slavers across the sea. He taught dwarf the runic arts and the dwarf did make terrible weapons and armors. Man slew ancient, monstrous beasts and in them found Runestones— a shortcut to dire spells and Circles.

Originally, Blackvynn was inhabited by Elves and Dwarves— neither race dies of old age, nor do the animals. Animals continue to grow in size and strength as they age. Beware the wilderness, for it is a savage and dangerous place.

Constant struggles against nature provided impetus for the Dwarves to create masterful tools, weapons, and armor and to fortify within mountain homes. The Elves weaved tight-knit communities bolstered by an inherent magick, and chose to live in tall trees and defensible terrains along the rivers. Men lived with Dwarves in their caves and mountains and taught them the power of Runes and Circles. They lived together in a harmony for a long while.

This time came to an end when the gods revealed themselves. These gods proclaimed their dominion over man, erected a king above all kings and gave to him and his followers divine magicks and a manifest destiny to rule the lands. Many men departed their dwarven refuge and friends of old and built large, walled cities as the gods decreed.

Gods deigned to select the leader of Man through the Trials Divine. If the heir of the King fails the Trials, an heir of each Great House is sent to the Trials, where competition determines the next King. For hundreds of years the King of Men had been the head of the religion in this way and representative to the gods, until he betrayed them.

King Ys, selected from the Trials Divine like royalty before him, set out with his now-legendary companions and an army to liberate Man from the rule of the gods. He slew the gods with the use of powerful sorcerers, fearless men, cunning tactics, and magickal artifacts.

The King returned a decade after his first march with no army to speak of and only a handful of his cohort to find his realm in a civil war. He claimed victory over the gods and sovereignty over all men. Without the strength of an army at his behest, King Ys succeeded with diplomatic adroitness and careful bargaining at putting the realm to rest as two nations: Autrecc (??? or land of Elves?) and Dukar.

Brief History of Blackvynn

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