Dwarves are described by outsiders as industrious, clever, proud, nurturing(?), and detail-oriented artists. The Dwarves have been aristocratic for most of their history; while they have experimented with Republics, these were often short-lived and ousted by a strong clan or an ambitious heir-in-exile.

Culturally, the northern Mountain kingdoms favor industry, efficiency, and strength of rule and are known for their feats of engineering and clever cave- and tunnel-based military tactics. The Southern kingdoms are famous for their food, arts patronage, and rich heritage while they value invention, originality, cleverness, and propriety.

Dwarves tell tales that ages ago, long before Men came from the West or even before the Elves came from the East, Dwarves themselves came from the South across the Long Sea.


  • Aristocratic Mountain Kingdoms
  • Dwarf-Man Kingdom
  • Dukarii
  • Incan Dwarves across the Sea (ironborn vibe)
  • Subjects in Kingdom of Man

Other Groups


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