NOTE: do away with Runeforms? Make the schools culturally different instead? And/or differing alliances and goals could be enough to set them apart. And/or reliance on hand-drawn vs. Runestone, or practical vs. theoretical reasearch and practice

Institutions of Man:

By Institution Type:

War Colleges Magick Colleges Arts Academies
Russan War College Blackwall School for the Magickal Arts The Royal Academy of Dukar
abc Bannis College abc
abcs The Colard Institute aosn
asdn Creative School asd

War Colleges:

State-sponsored? Independent? Mercenary? Theoretical, for the nobles, or practical and brutal?

Magick Colleges:

Magick Colleges are renowned and prestigious across Blackvynn. They are also, many of them, storehouses of Runestones which they gain from frequent Beastier hunts. These costly expeditions are risky but, if successful, very worthwhile endeavors for the Colleges.

Arts Academies:

Why would an art academy exist? Do they teach more than art? Do they dabble in Runes or warfare?

Maybe it’s more engineering and philosophy, and smaller than the above types of institutions.

Maybe Arts Academies are actually religious?

Institutions of Dwarves:

Same deal as above? More rooted in history, so probably each unique institutions.

Institutions of Elves:

Same as dwarves, but perhaps more religious institutions and monks.


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