Knightly Orders

The King’s Knights:

Sand Fellows

Desert Cohort A.K.A. The King’s Cobras

Notable Members:
Ser Scott Clark, “Oaken Scott”
Ser Archer Murin, the Canvas Knight

Bloody Boggers

Swamp Cohort A.K.A. The King’s Rats

Notable Members
Ser Elan Benion, “Laughing Elan”
Ser Lu Power, the Lady of the Fen

Order of Sant Oskar

Forest Cohort A.K.A. The King’s Owls

Notable Members
Ser Darby Dean, “Wise Darby”
Ser Terr Belloth, the Young Stag
Ser Bryen Stonewall, the Groveblade

The Royal Cohort

Royal Guard A.K.A. The King’s Drakes

Notable Members
Lord Quistyn Kenn, the Grey Drake
Ser Harken Dust, “White Iron Harken”

Royal Expedition Squad

Reconnaissance Cohort A.K.A. The King’s Jacks

Notable Members
Prince Bevel Norden, the Silent Prince
Ser Taemon Belloth, the Old Stag

Other Knightly Orders:

The Annalisean Knights

An all-female order of knights renowned for their skill and tenaciousness
Heraldry: White Sun

Notable Members
Knight-Queen Annalise Norden
Ser Dusk the Stern
Lady Fina Tennington, the Crimson Lady

Order of Sant Folkstone

Order of knights founded by the companions of Sant Folkstone after his death in battle
Heraldry: Lightning Bolt

Notable Members
Sant Folkestone [honorary]
Lord Austyn Barn, “Austyn the Stern”
Ser Tobyn Selwyn, “Tobyn the Pious”
Ser Norman Smallkeep, the Silver Shield

The Knights of Bintan

Order of wizard-knights dating back to the Bintan Empire
Heraldry: Green Ram on Black

Notable Members
Laurentius the Spellblade
Ser Sal Sull, the Firewalker
Ser Leon the Kind

Knightly Orders

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