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Cult of the Flayed One

This cult worships its sleeping deity, a giant Man of exposed muscle with all flesh flayed from his body. He sleeps in mountain overlooking the marshland, the one whose peak looks like the outline of a bald skull, one ear, and maybe an eye socket… His adherents await for the time when he will wake from his earthen tomb and unleash his reign upon the world.

The firechants of the cult say that the Flayed One was a man who did not stop growing, and grew and grew and grew. He grew taller than megabeasts that roam the mires and the tall trees in the forests and even as tall as the hills and mountains glaring down on the swamp people. He grew so large but his skin became tighter as he grew taller until the pain was unbearable, and he tore his skin from his body and cast it upon the land in great sheets. After this colossal effort he sat down to rest, and his worshippers draped his body in dirt and stone so that he might sleep and dream until his glorious awakening.

During his rest the cultists offer sacrifices in his name at the foot of the mountain, or in the deepest swamps: a flayed sacrifice, either animal or beast or man or dwarf or elf. The cultists consist mostly of Men and a few frogmen, though frogmen themselves are rarely presented as sacrifices. Their flayed forms do not please the Flayed One as do most. Often, the leader of a sect himself will be taller than the rest by a head or more and often a part of his body is flayed and dying: a small finger, a hand, an ear, a foot. The cultists say he did not begin his worshipful life so tall, but that his stature was bestowed to him by the Flayed One.

Other Religions

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