Sanguinus the Red, Fire Starter, Final Word, Gravemaker – primordial red dragon. Oldest and most powerful of all red dragons and the most vocal proponent of destroying humans as a final revenge for their revolt and escape eons ago.

Sanguinus embodies many of the traits to which lesser red dragons aspire; for this reason, and as the eldest among them, he is worshipped, served, and feared. He is quick to anger but deliberate with his plans of revenge, like the bright coals after the fire has died down. He considers dragons the highest race above all others and holds those who consort or bargain with lesser races in contempt; those who willingly change their form disgust him.

During the age of human subjugation, Sanguinus was given the honor of being the Final Word on punishments for slaves. He put down slave revolts (in some instances on his own), handed down executions, flayings, lashings, and numerous other tortures and punishments to slaves suspected of disloyalty, conspiracy, insubordination, escape, or worst: learning Rune Magick.

He is said to have led two unsuccessful conquests of Blackvynn: once, short decades after Landfall when his wing was confounded by the deep and hidden dwellings of the Dwarves harboring Men, and a second time during the early days of the Dominion of the Gods among Men, when it is said the Gods themselves marched alongside the armies of Men and ran Sanguinus and his dragons to the Western Sea. Sanguinus is said to have lost an eye to Fultr as he fled.

Rumors from the diviners say that Sanguinus is building support for a third and final conquest of Blackvynn with the aid of other primordial dragons. If the gods truly are dead, can man hope to stand against its ancient foe a third time?


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