A Vampyre is not a creature: it is a term used to describe a criminal who steals from, kidnaps and tortures, or kills humans for their blood. The Vampyre then uses this blood as a source for their Rune Magick. Vampyres are not limited to any one race; an Elf or Dwarf may hunt humans in order to tap into powerful Rune Magick; a human may hunt other humans as they are not willing to shed their own blood, or need more than they can possibly produce.

With this ill-gotten blood a Vampyre may attempt any sort of Rune Magick, so long as he has enough of the stuff. A common theme in Vampyres which have been tracked down by authorities is the use of blood in attempts to attain immortality, change form, or otherwise gain a permanent benefit from the magick.

Vampyres are abhorred by all human civilizations; they feature prominently in folk lore, even in communities where Rune Magick is no longer used nor remembered. Most depictions paint the Vampyre as a skulking Elf with demonic features who has a particular taste for human children.

Notable Vampyres:


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