Languages of Elves

Combination of (Asian language), rounded out and made more euphonious a la Sindarin from JRRT.


Base on Japanese with spoonings of Bengali. In practice, use a Japanese word unless it is unruly or incongruent. Also, use Bengali as a base for common, early words such as Sun, Moon, me, you, food, tree, etc. Most monosyllabic English words will probably have a Bengali base in Elven, then.

Quick trial:

Sun: Saiya (Surya + Taiyo)
moon: camda
Gralun: Daicamda
Lalun: Chicamda
tree: gacha
village: grama
city: machi
road: rasta
sword: ken (kan, maybe)
king: raja
queen: rani
emperor: ko (from Japanese “O” for King, Kotei for Emperor. Bengali is Samrata)
song: uta
spellsong: jujuta (JP jujutsu, BG uta)

Languages of Elves

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