As beasts grow in size and age, they can sometimes begin to develop Runestones within their body. As these develop, and as they occasionally develop a second or third, the magick of the Runestone can begin to warp and change the beast’s body. These changes are known as Manifestations, and a beast affected in this way is said to be “Manifesting”.

A given Runestone typically only has one or two Manifestations associated with it, so that experienced beast hunters can often tell on sight what Runestone a beast is harboring within it; or, failing that, narrow it down to a handful of possibilities.

Manifestations can occur if Runestones are implanted in people as well. Dwarves and Elves can manifest as below, but has low chance to “take.” Humans have a high chance to “take” the implants but it is a fairly lethal procedure. Human manifestations differ from below (Witchers?)

Known Manifestations:

Manifestation Runestone
Mane Rune
Horns Rune
Bright Discoloration (could be more than 1) Rune
Unquenchable Thirst Rune
Bleeding Open Sores Rune
Discolored Eye(s) Rune
Discolored Urine Rune
Extreme Weight Rune
Walking on Two Legs Rune
Single Eye Rune
Scales Rune
Mange Rune
Cannibalism Rune
One Extra Limb Rune
Two Extra Limbs Rune
Blood Drinking Rune
Caustic Spittle Rune
Projectile Spines Rune
Venomous Fangs Rune
Poisonous Skin Rune
Prehensile Tongue Rune
Extra Eyes Rune
Treasure Hoarding Rune
Harmful Vomit Rune
Camouflage Rune
Nightmare Aura Rune
Trunkification (grows prehensile trunk like an elephant) Rune
Florication (vegetation growing on it) Rune
Rune-Scarred Rune
Crown Rune
Multi-headed Rune
Stone Skin Rune
Noxious Vomit Rune
Human Face Rune
Vibrating/Humming Rune
Dream Manipulation Rune
Psychic Pull Rune
Brood Lord Rune
Weather Manipulation Rune
Giddiness Aura Rune
Melancholic Aura Rune
Wrathful Aura Rune
Lustful Aura Rune
Dream Aura Rune
Glamour Rune
Illusion Creation Rune
Human hands (Manufication) Rune
Rune-Riddled Rune
Electrified Rune
Extreme Heat Rune
Demonization Rune
Glowing Rune
Shape-shifting Rune
Telekinesis Rune
Mind Control Rune
Climate Manipulation Rune
Terrain Manipulation Rune
Drakeblood Rune


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