The Gods of Men

Man has worshipped many and countless gods since the beginning of the histories, but only one pantheon was said to be the Gods of Men. When worship of the true gods was taken up by most Men of Blackvynn, countless old gods were forgotten. Many other gods were thought to have died long ago. See Displaced or Dead Gods

God Aspect(s) Domain(s)
Fultr Light & Justice Trials, Farming, Kings, Sun
Venir Winds Storms, Ships, Birds, Oration, the Long Sea
Rame Change & War Seasons, Weddings, Births, Dawn/Dusk
Stas Continuity & Peace Weddings, Births, Morning, New Year
Macross Time, Death, Death by Old Age Funerals, Winter Solstice, Lalun
Gats Adversity & Strength Battles, Trials, Coming-of-Age, Gralun
Miura Life Births, Farming, Summer Solstice
Aiton Fire Cooking, Romance, Fevers, Discovery, Vernal Equinox
Amarezen Waters Healing, Ships, Freedom, the Western Ocean, the Unknown
Nirn Earth Beasts, Domestication, Family, Weapons, Autumnal Equinox
Belit-Sheri Magick & Invention Ingenuity, Madness, Discovery, Walls

In Burning Wheel suggested domains

God Domain(s)
Fultr Sun, Justice, Law, Plenty, Agriculture
Venir Wind, Storms, Trade, Poetry, Ships
Rame War, Chaos, Harvest
Stas Architecture, Dawn, Marriage
Macross Time, Death, Twilight
Gats the Moon, Military, Adulthood
Miura Birth, Fertility, Craft
Aiton Fire, Sex, Travel
Amarezen Water, Medicine, Luck
Nirn Earth, Family, Contracts
Belit-Sheri Magick, Forethought, Darkness

The servants of the gods, called Servati, have been described as beautiful, haunting, beastly, and terrible. These enigmatic messengers would come to deliver dooms to the sinful or blessings to the pious; they would often presage disaster or great change, or would act as a summons to {CITY NAME}. There have been no credible sightings of a Servati since the war.

The Gods of Men

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