Draconic Gods

Draconic Gods:

Draconic society is based on religious/political/philosophical affiliations and ways of life, all but one of which are headed by an immensely powerful primordial dragon of that color. These philosophies are referred to as Colors, though in truth half are chromatic and half metallic. The dragons listed below are older than history and are worshipped by their adherents as living gods. Though many Draconic Gods are opposed in philosophy, there exists among them a mutual respect which seems at odds with their monstrous depictions by Men.

Chromatic Colors

Dragon Color
Sanguinus Primordial Red Dragon
Moremazdak Primordial Blue Dragon
Martilkinn Primordial Green Dragon
Dumezil Primordial Purple Dragon
Oneeva Primordial White Dragon
Ereshkigoth Primordial Black Dragon
Isaazeno Rainbow Dragon

Metallic Colors

Dragon Color
Kantimm Primordial Silver Dragon
Merlisheri Primordial Gold Dragon
Iohannet Primordial Platinum Dragon
Tezlamet Primordial Bronze Dragon
Urnammuz Primordial Brass Dragon
Krabbemuth Primordial Iron Dragon
Siskaug Primordial Lead Dragon

Draconic Gods

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