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Blackvynn is a land inhabited by Men, Dwarves, Elves, Beasts, and Gods. The land stretches wide, bordered by two large oceans to the east and west and a warm sea to the south. A large range of mountains separates the Elves of the East from the peoples of the West. In the deep forests and open plains ageless Beasts grow and plot, There is magick in the world and it is powered by Runes inscribed into Rune Circles. Men brought this magick as they fled from the West, though Elves have sung their Spellsongs from ages prior.

The world as it is was set in motion when an arrogant king marched to wage war on his own gods, and slew them.

New big thoughts:

Have intermediate civs. Dwarves have not met elves at the time of the landing. Dwarves/humans in the north develop together. Dwarves/humans in the south develop together. Have a rise/fall/dark age of civ that paves the way for the Divine Empire. Dwarves/men meet elves during dark age or rise of D.E (leaning towards dark age).

Bogeymen in Divine Empire are dragon-changelings living among us. Christianity has threat of possession by demons and seduction by devil (played out by deadly sins/10 commandments). D.E. has (infiltration or replacement by) Dragons (or, some other shapeshifters close enough that one can guess. Drecons?) and secret cult worship of dragons, which is akin to enslavement, played out by similar “deadly sins” which reflect the fears of the first men who fled the dragons and what they needed to do to survive.




  1. Brief History of Blackvynn
  2. Histories of Men
  3. Histories of Dwarves
  4. History of Elves


  1. Men
  2. Dwarves
  3. Elves
  4. Dragons
  5. Beasts
  6. Monsters
  7. Other Stocks


  1. Royalty of Man
  2. Great Houses of Man
  3. Notable Humans? People?


  1. Rune Magick
  2. Runology
  3. Rune Magick Mechanics
  4. Runestones
  5. Advanced Rune Magick?
  6. Known Runes
  7. Elven Songs
  8. Magick Divine?
  9. Dwarven Forging?



  1. Knightly Orders
  2. Institutions
  3. Guilds


  1. The Gods of Men
  2. Gods of the Elven Empire
  3. Displaced or Dead Gods
  4. Draconic Gods
  5. Beast Gods
  6. Transcended Heroes
  7. Other Religions


  1. Languages of Dwarves
  2. Languages of Elves
  3. Languages of Men
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