Humans: enslaved by dragons. Friends to dwarves. Led by divine influence.

Slayers of gods.

The history of the only mortal race on Blackvynn is tumultuous, erratic, and uncertain. Unwritten ages of toil under draconic overlords, a daring coordinated exodus across the sea, and settling the land of Blackvynn have made men inventive, tough, and industrious. In conquest of the land they make up for their mortality and lack of a longstanding culture with powerful runic magick.


  • Dwarf-friends
  • Runemasters
  • Kingdom of Man
  • Dukarii
  • Warlord Federation

Other Groups

Noble Houses

see also Great Houses of Man
  • Barn
  • Belloth
  • Benion
  • Clark
  • Coll
  • Dean
  • Diesbus
  • Dust
  • Gentleer
  • Kenn
  • Murin
  • Norden
  • Power
  • Rastings
  • Selwyn
  • Smallkeep
  • Stonewall
  • Sull
  • Tennington
  • Thornes
  • Will


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